Friday, January 1, 2010

Beginning again

Happy New Year, everyone!

I've started this blog as a way to record a directional change in my life. That is, a change towards all things simple. Not simple as in stupid, although I can't promise anything there, but simple as in uncomplicated or traditional.

But isn't a blog kind of, um, modern and complicated?

I suppose, but it's my blog, and I can define what's simple any way I want to. My real response to this, though, is that when I was writing in my personal blog (right up until a few weeks ago), the blog was the end product, the creation. Now, my intent is to keep this as a journal of products or creations. I could do this in a hand-written journal, which would admittedly be more in the spirit of simplicity, but I really do like sharing my various projects with others. If I can find and collaborate with like-minded people or persuade people to become like-minded via an online community, then it'll be worth it.

As of right now, my "simple" projects mostly just include knitting and cooking, although I'm sure I'll have other things to post once I get going. Basically, what you'll see here is anything that's homemade, doesn't require much machinery or technology, solves multiple problems simply, or is just plain old-fashioned.

I'll probably talk more about why simplicity has become important to me throughout my posts, but briefly, it's about getting in touch with real life again and finding solutions for multiple problems just by going back to the basics.

I welcome comments, suggestions, and advice. Thanks for reading!

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c.a.b. said...

yes, yes, and yes! I've been saying for the past 2 months, "Simplify, simplify, simplify". Maybe our brainwaves crossed paths in the universe. Here's to Simply Kate. Love it.