Monday, July 18, 2011

In the kitchen, part II

The domestic goddess strikes again! I don't know what's gotten into me. I'm unstoppable!

Yesterday, it was banana bread. I have a love-hate relationship with bananas. I love their portability and how tidy they are to eat, but I hate that I have to taste them all day long after just one bite. For that reason, I've never made banana bread before, but I had some bananas that I had a feeling I wouldn't eat before they went bad, so I decided to go ahead and make some.

By the way, how lucky are my friends who I'm sharing this great stuff with?

I used this recipe because it was simple and I already had all the ingredients, although I decided to mix in a little whole wheat flour--you know, to make it healthy. Never mind the metric ton of butter in it :) It came out okay. If I hadn't put in the wheat flour, it would have had more flavor. I also should have given the bananas another day or so. All in all, for my first time making it, I'm pleased.

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Bearette said...

I know what you mean about bananas. I like them in theory, but they're just too mushy, or sweet, or something. I do love banana bread, though.