Thursday, August 4, 2011

Firsts and lasts

Today I made pancakes from scratch for the first time using this recipe. It's always seemed strange to me to use pre-made mix, since the mixes don't seem to have any magical properties. They turned out great, although I think I needed slightly more milk.

I also made hummus for the first time. It wasn't from scratch because I mixed in a store-bought pesto. I didn't look at any recipes beforehand, so all things considered, it came out pretty good. Next time, I'll probably follow a recipe, though.

Today was my last day teaching Zumba at the community center. One person showed up. That should tell you all you need to know about why I decided to stop teaching there. It's a bit of a weight off my shoulders, and now I can focus on the more rewarding aspects of my life.


Bearette said...

I think that problem is common with these types of classes...I had some yoga classes like that, back when I taught. That said, I can definitely see why you quit. It was very frustrating.

Domestic Kate said...

It's hard starting a class from scratch. With so few people, it's hard to keep everyone motivated to keep coming. I didn't close the door completely on this place--it's possible that I'll return when there's more interest.

David said...

Are you going to teach Zumba somewhere else? I would hate for that ability to go to waste. I'm sure you're really good at it.

Homemade hummus?? Homemade pancakes?? You're a goddess!!!

Domestic Kate said...

David, yes, I'm currently a regular instructor at an In-Shape gym and I have a recurring sub gig there and another place, so I teach 2-4 classes each week.