Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The 5k & Antique Shopping

There's a part two to my last post about dreaming big that's in the works. I have some new theories :) Before that, though, I thought I'd share some recent activities.

Early Sunday morning--No, wait: E-A-R-L-Y Sunday morning, some friends and I ran a 5k. It was a little bit of a joke because there was this big triathlon going on both days this weekend, and we were like the pre-game show with our little fun-run. Plus, I hadn't even been running very much lately due to my 4 jobs and a recent cold. Yet, miraculously, all three of us ran like the wind and came away with great times!

Here's the action shot. I was rounding the corner to start my final lap. In the background you can see my time for the first 2 miles. I ended up finishing in 28:35, which is the fastest I've ever run a 5k.

Later that day, after breakfast and a long nap, I went with a friend to Santa Cruz. Before we left, I checked some events calendars to see if anything in particular was going on. I saw an "antique fair" listed, but it didn't strike me as something we should try to find. We ended up just walking around downtown and accidentally finding this fair after all, and it turned out to be pretty interesting.

Something in particular caught my eye:

Right? Doesn't every writer want a typewriter? Did you know that typewriters are no longer being manufactured anymore, anywhere? I decided to take a picture of them instead of giving into impulse and buying one.

Other highlights included records, rotary phones, player piano music rolls, some Corningware that I was oddly attracted to, and a Catwoman mask (that some crazy person referred to as Batman). Is this what antiques are all about? I always thought they were much older and more fragile items, but this stuff was all from 1940s--1970s. I'd call it "vintage" before "antique," but maybe I'm misinformed. It ended up being a good way to spend the afternoon and a fantastic day overall with good people.

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mom said...

ooohh... just had an idea. It would be cool to take some good pictures of 'old' stuff and print them in black and white, or sepia, and frame them as a set.