Monday, October 3, 2011


I've just spent the last 20-30 minutes reading this page, dedicated to the 99% and those who are occupying Wall Street now. When I read this post in particular, I cried.

I don't even want to say much more, except this: Whatever your political leanings, don't be dumb. Just because you're "lucky" now, just because you're employed or without much debt doesn't mean that this doesn't concern you.


rockygrace said...

The rich old white men who have always ruled things are sensing that times are changing, and they're getting greedier and greedier as they try to gobble up all they can before they get booted out the door.

When the Wall Street demonstrators first started appearing on the news, I thought, "What a bunch of flakes", but now? I think they're right.

Just my two cents.

Domestic Kate said...

Better hang on to those two cents! You might it need it for healthcare or retirement :) I'll admit I only heard about the Wall St. protesters through my friends on Facebook, but since it seems like there isn't much media coverage on it (and that's part of the issue), maybe I'm better off getting my news there anyway. At any rate, I'm totally on board.

People, regular ol' folk like you and me, support those who are nothing like us and have competing interests with our own.

Domestic Kate said...

I think I might go to Santa Cruz tomorrow for "Occupy Santa Cruz." Why not?