Saturday, October 8, 2011

Occupy Santa Cruz

Yesterday, I went with a couple friends to occupy Santa Cruz. The timing was perfect because the group marched at about 4:00--just in time for the start of rush hour.

 My friend Ruth's sign.

The march lasted for about an hour, and we went to three banks in Santa Cruz. We stayed in front of each one for a few minutes and then continued on. The best part were the drivers who passed by and honked, waved, or gave us the thumbs up. Their enthusiasm for what we were doing made it all worth it. We had police with us the whole time, but they didn't give anyone any trouble. We were a very peaceful group.

Ruth led everyone in a chant of "Stand up, fight back." She was great! I didn't know where she'd gone until suddenly she was addressing the crowd. Did I mention this was my first protest? It wasn't her first.

One news story I saw said that we had 200 people, but that figure seems a little high. I do think it grew as we marched. Maybe we picked up some people along the way. When I saw that Santa Cruz had an Occupy protest, I decided to go because I wanted to do my part for something that I believe--just maybe--has the power to influence real change for once.

If you are looking for an Occupy event near you, I suggest looking here first. As someone at the march said, "Join us! Don't just watch us on the news."

I am a regular person. I am hardworking. I am employed and financially stable (for now). I am insured (until December). I am generally a law-abiding citizen. I am compassionate. I am pissed off about our government that does not represent the will of the people or the spirit of our constitution. I am not Robin Hood. I am concerned about the prosperity of our nation. I am the 99% and so are you. 


Laura said...

I was in the Youth for Peace group in high school and we stood along the highway one weekend to protest the invasion of Iraq. It's amazing how even just a few people honking or waving from passing cars boosts the morale.

rockygrace said...

Good for you!