Saturday, December 17, 2011


Lovely readers: It's come to my attention lately that I apparently have more readers than the number of comments would suggest. I love comments! But I know that it can feel funny to comment if you're not used to it or if you're the only one. So I have no shame in asking this: Please, if you read this post, would you leave a comment? Just say hello. Let's break the ice.

I know, I'm SO original here, posting new year's resolutions. But I do like the spirit of the new year's resolution. Of course I know that most people don't follow through on them--I mean, if it's something you really want to do and are committed to, why are you waiting for a special day to start doing it? At any rate, the idea of a fresh start to set things right and improve upon oneself seems like a pretty neat idea, and sometimes the symbolism of a special day is motivational. This year, I've already spent half the year trying to set things right, and I believe I'm on track. Now it's time to set some goals and make plans.

  1. Run a half-marathon. Maybe multiple. Maybe a marathon. Wear minimalist shoes while doing said running. Since I think I'll be starting my work days at 9:00, I'd like to get into a routine of running in the mornings Tues--Fri before work.
  2. Eat healthier and more economically. Specifically, less sugar. I think this was a resolution I made at the beginning of this year, and that certainly didn't happen. I have to keep trying. Less meat. More vegetables. Maybe go vegetarian. More homemade meals and snacks. Get back to planning meals a few days in advance.
  3. Increase flexibility and strength. I'm already working on the second part of this by taking more exercise classes besides Zumba. I need to spend more time on developing flexibility.
  4. Find a suitable dwelling. I'm unhappy in my apartment because I can't grow vegetables or herbs due to a lack of sun on my balcony. It also no longer has the most attractive benefit of being walking distance from my job, and it's not particularly special beyond that. I've actually been considering building a tiny house (Google "tiny house" or check out Social Change through Simple Living on the side bar to see what I mean), but I have a lot of doubts. Regardless, I'd like better use of my living space.
  5. Knit more. I've really gotten away from this.
  6. Read more! I hope now that I won't be spending my evenings and weekends grading papers, I'll be able to read a bit more. I'm also pretty sure I'll buy a Kindle to keep reading materials from taking up space.
  7. Take more risks. I think I do things that other people would see as risky, but of course I mean situations in which I have a genuine fear of failure. Like, for example, starting a new career, which I'll be doing Monday. Also, creative endeavors are emotionally risky, and I'm going to work on being more creative.

As always, I plan to share my adventures in simple living with you all. What are your resolutions?


ruthieo said...

Great resolutions, Kate! I signed up for Cannonball Read, a reading/reviewing challenge hosted by one of my favorite blogs, Pajiba. I signed up for half a cannonball read, which means I vowed to read AND review 26 books this year. Every once in a while, Pajiba posts reviews on its main site. Check it out!

Domestic Kate said...

Ruth, that's crazy! In a good way, of course. Maybe I could do a half-half Cannonball Read (I know, it's a quarter) and get through 13 books in a year. That's more my pace. You are fast becoming an endurance queen!

And thank you for commenting!

Laura said...

Kate, So many of your resolutions are my resolutions too. I signed up for a half-marathon that takes place in April so I need to train for that. In addition, I want to have a more scheduled exercise life instead of being so sporadic. I think that goes hand-in-hand with eating healthier. This has been a big goal of mine for a while. My downfall is not planning meals in advance.
I want to get back into knitting too. My aunt (who lives in NYC) taught me how to knit originally, but she lives too far away for regular help and I kind of let it go. Last year I took a beginners knitting class at the local yarn shop to brush up on my skills, but the teacher was pretty gruff and it didn’t hold much appeal. Pushing all that aside, I realized if I want to get better at it, I’m going to have to find some books and do it myself. I really want to knit some socks and maybe someday a sweater so I’ll have to put in the time to learn it.
A friend told me about and I really like it. I like the features that allow you to write notes about books you’ve read so you can remember things and the ability to compare book lists with other people and get recommendations. It’s so much fun and reminds me how much I love to read.
Whew! I think I’ll stop now, but I do want to say that I’m glad you’re still blogging!

Domestic Kate said...

Hi, Laura. I'm sure we're in good company with those who want to develop better exercise and eating habits and read more in the coming year. I'm on GoodReads, actually, but I find that I only go there when I've finished a book, but I rarely look at what others are reading. So for me, it's not very interactive, but I'm happy you're able to get good recommendations there. Speaking of, I might as well go update my page there!

When I learned to knit, I used a combination of books and videos. I found the videos on YouTube and to be quite useful. I still think I'm just slightly above beginner-level.

Good luck with your resolutions. I hope you'll blog about your progress. Let's see where we are in 6 months.

rockygrace said...

Commenting per your request!

No resolutions really, except to volunteer more, but I was already planning on doing that anyway, so I guess it doesn't really count as a resolution ...

Domestic Kate said...

Thanks, Rocky! Where are you planning to volunteer? The animal shelter? I'd like to volunteer too, but given that I already have 7 resolutions, I think I might be booked!

rockygrace said...

I'm going to continue fostering, and after the first of the year, I'm going to be volunteering two Sundays a month at the cat adoption center at the local PetSmart. More! Kitties!

p.s. In case anybody was wondering, all of the cats at the PetSmart stores are rescue/shelter cats. Thanks, PetSmart!

p.p.s. No, I don't work for PetSmart. heh.

Bearette said...

Hi! I have no resolutions. But i am reading your blog :)

Domestic Kate said...

Thanks, Bearette!

David said...

Great post! My favorite resolution of yours is 7. That's something everyone needs to do more often.

Resolutions of mine:
1. Not letting work stress me out.
2. Surrender, even though people around me don't think I know how.
3. Stop saying negative things and breeding negative thoughts.
4. Looking ahead, not behind.
5. Slay a dragon.

Domestic Kate said...

David, nice resolutions! I'm pretty sure your #5 qualifies as my #7.