Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More about running!

I haven't quite been following my fitness plans for this month, although I'm still making good progress.

Today I ran 4 miles. I've done 4-mile runs in recent months--pretty frequently actually--but I've never run this distance in my toe-shoes (the Vibram Five Fingers). It took me about an hour, although since I was on the track, running in one of the outer lanes, I think it's fair to say I ran more than 4 miles. Anyway, that means I'm a little ahead of schedule to meet my 5-mile goal by the end of the month. I hope to be at 4.5 miles by Sunday.

I feel good. Now that I'm not embarrassed about speed, I'm free to just enjoy myself. I mean, I ran 16 laps on a boring track tonight, for crying out loud. The time went by pretty quickly in fact. I used to feel like a Tom Joad busted-up jalopy clanking down the street, but now I'm just cruisin'. It's a nice feeling. 

Sadly, I haven't done any strength training. I just haven't had the energy. Running is my main focus right now, and my body clock is still adjusting to the new job, so I won't beat myself up over this.

This morning, I believe I saw a smaller version of me in the mirror. My belly was noticeably flatter than it has been. I put on a pair of my pants that are a size up from the size I've been wearing (the size I've been wearing has been a little snug recently), and I was practically swimming in them. So, that's a good sign. 

I have two races that are on the radar: One is a 10k in February, and the other is the half-marathon in April. In addition to those, while I was searching for these two races to register for them, I came upon this insane race, which just so happens to occur on my birthday. I feel like Fate is telling me something. 

I've been eating a little better. Actually, I've been eating less. I've always enjoyed eating fruits and vegetables, but in addition to a major sugar addiction, I have a problem with overall quantity. But working all day and making time for evening runs tends to leave me with less idle time for chowing down. The weekday vegetarian plan is working out just fine. I'm noticing that I am buying more convenience foods, though, and eating out more than I'd like. I'm still trying to keep it simple and healthy, but I have less time and energy to cook. I can leave cooking for some other month :)

If you made resolutions, how are you doing with them? 


Laura said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying your runs instead of being embarrassed about speed. Whenever I see anyone out running, no matter how fast/slow, I think to myself, "Good for them! Why am I not doing that?"

Anonymous said...

Please see my comment here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/k8simply/posts/10150593424209187?notif_t=feed_comment_reply

Domestic Kate said...

Hi, Laura. I know what you mean. I was just thinking this morning how it must be that we compare ourselves to people who are more experienced. But, let's say that you just started painting and you meet a well-known, professional painter. You say, "I just discovered painting," and what would the other painter say? "Good for you." Because s/he loves painting and wants everyone to discover its joys. So, why worry about what faster, more experienced runners might think? They're probably happy for me. And non-runners? Why should I worry what they think of me if they've never tried what I'm doing?