Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nice to meet (up) you

I started the Meetup group I mentioned in my last post. It's a Stitch n Bitch group, and I'm really excited about meeting some new people.

I scoped out the location of the first meeting today. It's a cafe that adjoins an independent theater downtown (they literally share a lobby area). I was deliberately avoiding Starbucks, but I was hoping to find a quiet cafe where they wouldn't mind too much if people just sat around for a bit. I hope it'll work out. Around the end of my reconnaissance mission, the cafe got pretty busy, but with the cafe being across the street from the Marriott on the weekend of the AT&T Pro-Am, I think it was probably busier than usual. 

What are your thoughts on a group like this? Any advice for me as I begin organizing? 

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Laura said...

Your group sounds like fun. Plus the cafe you've described sounds awesome. I think local cafes are usually more accommodating to groups.