Monday, February 27, 2012

Stitchin' and bitchin'

Today my Stitch n Bitch group met up for the first time. I have to say I was a little stressed out over the whole thing. Almost as soon as I set up the group and the meetup, I started getting tons of responses. At first that was exciting, and then it worried me because cafes are only so big, you know? I had envisioned maybe 6 people--if that--coming to this meetup, but I think 17 people ended up RSVPing with a yes. I knew that there would be some no-shows, but I had to consider the possibility that everyone would show up.

Six people ended up coming. I couldn't have asked for a better turn out. I got there about half an hour early, and someone from the group was already there, sitting at a large table. People trickled in, and we had no problem fitting everyone around the table. That was a relief.

There was a nice mix of ages represented. We chatted about children, education, running, and of course knitting. There was one crocheter in the group, although a few of the women said they do both.

One of the best parts about the meetup was the reaction from other people in the cafe. We got lots of friendly looks from people, and a couple passersby mentioned that they also knit or crochet. One older man asked us if we were all having babies. It's funny--I was there just two weeks ago knitting by myself and no one said anything to me. It felt good to have a presence.

Our next meetup will be in two weeks. I haven't decided on the location. I think people want to rotate around, and that's fine by me, but it's difficult to find the right kind of space without knowing exactly how many people will show up. The ideal space would be a large, comfortable cafe that's in danger of going out of business :)


Bearette said...

wow, that is great turnout, esp. for a first meeting!

Domestic Kate said...

It really was great. Apparently, Monterey knitters and crocheters have been dying for a meetup group! Of course, not dying enough to start one.