Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I was giving a thumbs up but I can't
hold a pose for more than 3 seconds
I'm officially a half-marathoner!

People have asked me, "So how was it?" My reply?

"Really hard."

I'm not joking. Before the race, my longest run was an 11.5-mile run. It wasn't easy, but mostly on those long runs I battled boredom and my general preference to be at home watching Star Trek: The Next Generation on Netflix.

But this race was hard. I started off with an uneasy stomach. Maybe it was just nerves and excitement or the fact that I had to run in the morning, which I never do, but the feeling didn't pass until well after the race was finished. Then there were the hills. Good grief, there were a lot of hills. Then there was the mud. It was apparently monsoon season on Saturday, so what should have been a packed dirt trail for about a mile or two ended up being mud. Then there was a potty break--I've never had to pee during a race before.