Saturday, June 9, 2012

Have I mentioned that I love cake?

My previous post about cooking is actually related to my theme for this month: Better Eating Habits (the capitalization is for dramatic effect).

Let me explain a little bit about my philosophy when it comes to eating. I do not diet. I do not deny myself things that I truly want. I enjoy what I eat.

If I am craving, say, chocolate cake, then eating a bowl a fruit isn't going to cut it. I've tried this. I eat the bowl of fruit. I substitute healthier sweet treats. This can go on for several days while all I can think about is chocolate cake. Then, in a fit of insanity, I eat the chocolate cake, and I eat way more of it than I would have if I just ate the damned cake on day one.

Then, I feel guilty for being weak and I go back to denying myself the next time I feel like having something "naughty." The cycle continues, and I spend too much time thinking about food and not enough time enjoying it. I end up with both calories and time wasted on food. So, if I am going to eat something that isn't so healthy, then I'm going to enjoy the hell out of it; otherwise, why bother?

Oh, and I refrain from calling myself "good" or "bad" depending on what I've eaten. Unless I'm eating puppies, I'm a good person.

Having said all of this, I've been eating mindlessly lately. I'm not falling into the guilt trap, but I'm not enjoying the indulgences either. I find that I'm looking at my usual suspects (sweet breads mostly) and I think, "This is not good fuel for my body." But eating them has become habitual, so I keep doing it. I want to be more mindful of what I'm eating and, again, get more joy from my food.

I recently watched Forks over Knives, which renewed my interest in eating a mostly plant-based diet. I'm still going meatless Monday through Friday, but I want to try some new recipes and expand my vegetarian cooking repertoire. 

You might have noticed I haven't mentioned losing weight. It's not really about that, although I do hope to shed a few pounds as I commit to preparing more meals at home and make better choices overall. My primary goals are to live more frugally and to feel like I'm taking better care of myself. 

Recipes and photos of food to come!  

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