Wednesday, July 18, 2012

8 TED Talks You Should Watch

1. Erin McKean redefines the dictionary. A lecture on dictionaries? How fascinating does that sound? Really, it's fun and thought-provoking.

2. Steven Johnson - where good ideas come from. Apparently, they come from coffeehouses. 

3. Charlie Todd on shared experience of absurdity. Funny how talking about funny things is funny. 

4. Any of the videos by Ken Robinson, but this one is probably my favorite. They're all about education and the need for personalized education with an emphasis on creativity and passion in learning. 

5. Patrick Awuah on educating leaders. It's essentially a defense of a liberal arts education. He gets a little rambly, but it's worth it.

6. Kathryn Schulz on being wrong. It turns out that being wrong makes for much better stories than being right.

7. The antidote to apathy. Why don't people get involved? Why don't we change the world?

8. The power of vulnerability. I know it sounds a little hippy-dippy, but Brene Brown is quite eloquent as she talks about connection, shame, compassion, and of course vulnerability. 


Laura said...

I love TED Talks and I'm excited to watch these that you've recommended. My two favorite are Elizabeth Gilbert on the idea that instead of a person "being" a genius, all of us "have" a genius ( and Hans Rosling talking about the washing machine as the greatest invention of the industrial revolution (

Domestic Kate said...

I like Elizabeth Gilbert's talk as well. I'll have to check out the Hans Rosling one. I love the ones that sound like they'd be terribly boring but turn out to be fascinating.