Tuesday, July 3, 2012

June recap and what's up for July

I said that June would be my month to make better eating choices, and I think I have. I'd like to be a bit more committed, but it's hard to make the time to prepare fresh, healthy meals, and going out to eat pretty much spells disaster.

This summer for 6 weeks (just 2 more to go), I am teaching what equates to a full-time course load. I am also still working a few hours a week at the marketing job, and of course I still teach Zumba. In my spare time (!), I'm trying to hit the gym a little more, plus I have a knitting group to organize and a boyfriend to adore. Oh, hey, there's this whole blogging thing too.

Somewhere in here, I try to plan meals, experiment with new dishes, get to the grocery store and farmers market, and actually cook. However, I'm avoiding the temptation to say, "When summer's over, it'll be so much easier." No, it won't. There's always something that'll come up. There's always a reason to avoid doing something that's inconvenient. So, I just keep trying, but I don't sweat it too much if I end up eating out or eating some convenience food. That's life.

I do believe a better commitment to healthy habits has made a difference. I seem a bit leaner than I was a few weeks ago, and other people have told me so as well. Interestingly, I just realized the other day that I couldn't remember the last time I had a pimple--like a full-process pimple. Occasionally, I get a little bump, but it goes away quickly. My skin isn't a big problem, but I wonder if my eating habits have improved it as well. I feel pretty good overall, although unfortunately my sleeping habits haven't been so great. Did you know that when you're sleep deprived you eat more?

For July, I think I'm going with "getting out more" as my theme. Although I spend my days interacting with about 50 people (a.k.a. my students), I still feel like true socialization is a little lacking in my life. Not only that, but I feel like I could be out of the house more, enjoying the life that goes on outside of my jobs. I suppose you could say I need some social stimulation. There's something in particular that's inspiring this, but I'll save that for a future post. 


ruthieo said...

Word up on the "getting out more" goal! I have really struggled with that this year. After work, I either have a ton of grading or am too tired to socialize (or that's what I tell myself).

Your birthday dinner was one of the most fun nights I've had in a while. I have to remember how much I enjoy spending time with friends. Maybe we could help each other with this goal?

Domestic Kate said...

I agree regarding the birthday night--that was so much fun and easy, and it's inspired me to do more. Well, you saw what I was up to today (grading in public). I think I want to do that more if you want to join me in this effort. I hate that grading marathons by nature take up so much of my time, and it's time spent cooped up. It was definitely more pleasurable grading while being out of the house.