Wednesday, August 8, 2012

8 Lessons Learned: The Body Image Edition

1. Everything I do doesn't have to be sexy. 

2. Attractiveness comes in all shapes, sizes, and ages. 

3. What's considered pretty/ugly, sexy/unsexy, attractive/unattractive, healthy/unhealthy is defined by our culture. There is no objective definition of any of these. We can make some generalizations based on biological selection, but mostly these categories are defined by cultural norms.

"Healthy," for example, has been corrupted and is mostly used to justify a distaste for someone's appearance. There isn't a widely understood, objective definition of fitness--only descriptions of a conditioned body. That is, you can condition your body to be able to perform certain physical feats, so if you measure fitness by only those physical feats, then you will appear fit. But that doesn't necessarily mean that you'll live longer, ward off cancer, or avoid heart disease. So, we, as a society, choose certain definitions of fitness. We often claim that Marilyn Monroe is the pinnacle of a sexy and healthy woman, but where is her six-pack? Where are her biceps? Today she'd be considered soft, lazy, and unfit. And what about the Roseto mystery? It really is possible to be healthy and fat at the same time depending on how you want to define those words.

4. Getting rid of the scale was a great move. I mean, do you really need the weatherman to tell you what the current conditions are? 

5. I am not "good" or "bad" because of what I eat. "I've been good today," should be something I can say every day. I'm a good person regardless of what I eat (unless I've eaten baby seals or kittens or something).

6. The way my body looks has just as much to do with my mind as it does with my exercise and eating habits. I can count calories all day long, but the fact is that when I'm happy, I look good and I feel good. Body and mind have to work together, but it starts with the mind. 

7. I am not other women; I am me. What they do with their bodies is their business. 

8. Anybody who doesn't like how I look can make use of the nearest exit. 

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Laura said...

Sorry to be so late commenting on this post. It's great! I love it.

P.S. At school I used to pass by a car that had a sticker on it that read "Club sandwiches not seals." :)