Thursday, August 30, 2012


This month, I've tried to stay offline. I'd say I've done a decent job of changing my internet habits but not so much limiting the time I spend online. I still call that a win.
  • I have visited Facebook plenty; however, I rarely comment on or like posts. I just read everyone's updates and then get away from the site. 
  • I'm using Stumbleupon a lot, which is a tool that allows me surf the web for specific topics instead of just going to same sites over and over again and reading everyone's Facebook updates a hundred times. Stumbleupon has given me lots of inspiration for writing and DIY projects. I really, really want to learn how to sew! 
  • I even stumbled upon a site that might lead to some published writing projects in my future--fingers crossed!
  • I've combined my love for getting rid of stuff with my internet use by giving a bunch of stuff away on Freecycle.
Because of the Olympics, I broke down and bought a snazzy antenna for my TV. I still don't watch it much, and I still thoroughly enjoy my Roku, but I've been spending a little non-internet time watching TV. Not really what I had in mind for this month, but it's been interesting. I feel like an alien who's encountering TV for the first time: Ooh! What's this show? So dramatic! In case you're wondering, I get quite a few channels, and I still don't have to be tied to a crappy and expensive cable/dish provider.

I've been reading a little more, catching up on sleep a little more, and cleaning/organizing a little more. That's been good.

One thing I mentioned I would try is the short, daily to-do list. This works like a charm, you guys, and my only regret is not doing it more. Putting something on a list and crossing it off? Best feeling ever. And since I just put a few things on there, I feel accomplished yet not overwhelmed.

A colleague once passed along some words of wisdom to me. She said that we never see the progress our students make; it's the next teacher who sees their progress. I'm also feeling that way about my monthly themes. Each month, I end up feeling like I didn't try hard enough, but when the month is over, I find that lessons carry over. I feel like next month I'll waste even less time online.

Speaking of, September should be a big month for me. School started back up this week, and I have a half marathon 10K* trail run toward the end of the month. My mind is full of things I want and need to do! It's exciting but a bit overwhelming. For that reason, I really want to focus on routine and consistency for the month. I need to get control of my schedule and make better use of my time. I'm going to keep up the to-do list, and I'm going to try devoting certain times of the day for certain things (like knitting). For a long time, I've had this fantasy of being one of those people who get up ridiculously early and have particular morning rituals that make them feel ready to start the day. I won't be getting up ridiculously early, but I'd like to have a morning ritual. 

What are your plans for the month?

*I've had nothing but crappy runs over the past month. I just can't seem to get into the rhythm of the trail run, and since all my running over the past few years has been on mostly flat, paved surfaces, I won't beat myself up too much for taking it down a notch and just running 6 miles. I'd rather have a good 10K race than kill myself with a half marathon.


Laura said...

Very cool about the published writing projects. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
Are you planning to wear your Branca sandals for the 10K?
Also, I love the daily to-do lists.

Domestic Kate said...

I'm not sure if I'll wear the sandals or my Vibrams. I actually tried the Vibrams last week, and there was no chafing, but I did slide a bit on the trails. Many of the hilly trails have a layer of pebbly dirt on top of hard rock/hard dirt which makes it easy to slide. My Vibrams are getting a little worn on the bottom, so I'm thinking I'll get better traction with the Brancas. I have a few weeks to decide :)

Thanks for keeping the fingers crossed!