Friday, September 28, 2012

8 Lessons Learned: Journaling Edition

I have no business telling people how to journal and feel good about journaling. I have never been totally happy with the way I keep or don't keep a personal journal. But I've recognized and responded to a few issues I have with journaling--namely, what keeps me from using them regularly and what keeps me from liking what's in there. Instead of offering some really neat tips on keeping a personal journal, I'm going to share with you my real mistakes and discomforts about journaling and what sometimes helps get around them. Deal?

Monday, September 24, 2012

My First Trail Race - Toro Trail Run

Sunday I ran the Toro Trail Run (a.k.a. Quad-Killer-Rockslide-of-Death). It was my first trail race, and I think it was a good initiation considering that it was a 10K and the first three miles were uphill. Actually, I use the word "ran" loosely--I estimate I ran only about 2-3 miles during the race. But, I got to run just a few feet away from some cows. That was different.

Since I write a lot about running on this blog, I figure there might be questions regarding my shoes and my sanity and so forth, so I'll see if I can preemptively answer them.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

8 Places I've Lived (in case you're wondering)

I've talked about moving and living in different states before, so I thought I'd offer a quick snapshot of 8 places I've lived. You know, if you're considering a move or a vacation or maybe you're just nosy (that would explain why you keep reading my blog--kidding). 

Here they are (in no particular order):

1. Marysville, WA. It's about an hour's drive north of Seattle. If I can say I grew up anywhere, it would be here. I lived here from about age 5 to 11. Rain? Yes. But when you're a kid, rain just means you get to jump in puddles. I think it made the sunny days that much more special. When it snowed, school was cancelled because it happened so rarely. We had a Fred Meyer store, which was awesome, no Wal-Mart, and a Taco Time. I only went into Seattle a few times, so I can't say much about that. It was a pleasant place to grow up. 

2. Jacksonville, FL. Jacksonville is probably the least favorite city I've lived in. Let me clarify: I had some great friends in Jacksonville. I met people that I'm still in touch with, people who I feel I have a real connection to, and I miss them a lot. I had fun times there. But. The vibe of the place is yucky. There's a lot of racism. There's an odd mixture of fast-paced city attitude and old South. No one who worked in customer service understood the meaning of the word. You can drive for 45 minutes, with little traffic, and still be in Jacksonville. There aren't many mom-and-pop restaurants. It's hot. Then it pours down rain for 10 seconds and gets even more humid than it was before. The beach is lined with tall hotels and the water is kind of brown. And there are a lot of Republicans. 

3. Olathe, KS. This is another place I sometimes cite as the place where I grew up, but that's normally only when I meet someone from around there. Olathe is located in Johnson County, which is The Hills of Kansas. Olathe isn't snob central by any means, but they're around.  Not only that, but the predominance of Christianity makes for a strange mix. People seem to believe that their wealth is directly related to their faith (God's on my side so that's why I'm rich). The schools are good, maybe not as good as they say, but I've learned that I had it good compared to what most kids deal with these days. People generally drive 10 mph below the speed limit, and there are a lot of smokers. There are definitely seasons there--sometimes all four of them in the same week. I'm not joking.