Thursday, October 18, 2012

8 Things You Can Do Right Now to Simplify

I'm all about people finding their own ways of simplifying their lives, but if you'd like some inspiration, here are some things you can do with little time and effort to streamline, reduce clutter, and enjoy life just a little bit more.

1. Sort your mail. Mail is one of those things that builds up in my home--how about in yours? Go through it right now. Pay the bills, recycle the junk, and neatly put away the things you have to save for later in a designated area.

2. Take 10-20 minutes for a thrift store/Freecycle sweep. Look at your clothes, books, DVDs--whatever you tend to collect--and grab the obvious choices for donation.

3. Take 10-20 minutes to clear out the refrigerator and/or freezer of gross stuff. Really.

4. Take 10-20 minutes to clear your head. Turn off the TV, the computer, the cell phone. Just relax. Take a walk, have a cup of tea, do some stretches, take a nap, or just sit quietly.

5. Make a list. It could be a to-do list for the day or the week, a list of long-term goals, or a grocery list. It doesn't matter, but this is the kind of stuff that tends to clutter up our minds. Jot it down so you can focus on something else that requires more substantial brain power.

6. Read or watch something inspiring (like this video).  

7. Do one quick thing that you're putting off--maybe doing something that will prevent more work down the road, scheduling an appointment, or signing up for something (I recently signed up for a CSA even though I've been thinking about it for years).

8. Free up time. Think about ways that you can give yourself more time to do the things you enjoy or to just relax. If you're reading this list and thinking, "I don't have much time to do these things," then you probably need more time in your life. This might mean cutting back on a commitment or letting go of a joyless activity. Maybe take some time to figure out when you'll take your next vacation.

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