Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My only brush with the spooky

Splotch Monster 171, steve loya, Flickr
I am more than a little intrigued by the supernatural. I can't pin down exactly what I believe or disbelieve, but I love hearing the stories. I also hate hearing the stories because I am a weenie and I get spooked easily. However, despite knowing people who've had supernatural experiences, I have just one personal story about something spooky and unexplained.

In my early twenties when I was an undergrad, I worked at a hotel.

>Cue images of The Shining.

It was a fairly new building, and there were no stories of people dying there or anything like that. But hotels are creepy by nature if you ask me. I worked at the front desk, and I never liked walking around during the quiet night times, knowing that there people all around but not seeing or hearing them.

One late afternoon, I had to retrieve something from one of the empty rooms. I knew it was empty because the person who was going to stay there had cancelled their reservation, which is why I was sent to get the gift left in the room for that person. The room was in the corner of an L-shaped hallway. It was a two-bedroom suite.

As usual, I had a strange feeling when I went to open the door because it's everyone's worst nightmare to accidentally walk in on an occupied room.

I opened the door, and before I even stepped over the threshold, I was overwhelmed with the sensation that someone was in the room. There were no sounds, but it felt like the sensation of hearing static from a TV that was left on.

I stood there frozen because I couldn't convince myself to go in. The gift basket was just a few feet from the door, but I couldn't reach it from the doorway. If I went in, the door would automatically close behind me. I couldn't stand the thought of the door being closed or having to turn my back on the room. Finally, I flung the door open wide, took one giant step to get the gift, and retreated backwards before the door had a chance to close. Then I walked back to the front desk and told no one about it because I thought I had imagined it all.

A few weeks later, I was working a shift with another woman and we got to talking. I decided to share my little ghostly encounter with her. She waited patiently for me to finish and said, "You know, it's funny you mention that this was room 110. Because I had something strange happen to me with that room too."

She was the manager on duty, and it was her job to walk the property a few times each shift. During one of her property walks, she noticed that 110's door was slightly ajar with the latch keeping the door from closing all the way. She started walking down the hallway away from the room and called the person at the front desk on her walkie talkie. She asked the girl at the desk to call room 110 to let them know about the door, and she indicated that they were probably sleeping because all the lights were off.

She continued down one side of the hallway, then made her way back toward the room. This time when she got back to the door, it was closed all the way, and she could see a glow around the door--the lights in the room were all on. She figured the girl at the front desk had called and woken them up to shut their door.

She continued walking down the other side of the hallway when the girl called her back and said the room was vacant.

Confused, she walked back to the room, where the lights were still on. She looked around the room and saw no one, so she turned the lights off, shut the door, and left. 

She also thought her mind was playing tricks on her, but it certainly made us wonder.

Happy Halloween!


rockygrace said...


I think hotels pick up some of the energy of all the people who pass through. The "static" you spoke of.

Man, if I have a nightmare about a hotel tonight, it's all your fault. :)

fmcgmccllc said...

I have a friend who worked in a haunted hotel. It was mainly one area and mostly a playful ghost, moving things and folding back the corners of the bedding. A little boy staying at the hotel was killed walking down the street, car hit him.