Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas in my neck of the woods

There's so much goodness happening in such a little place. Here's what Christmas is looking like in my apartment. 

First, batch #2 of gingerbread cookies. I made cookies for my knitting group last Sunday, but I didn't use all the dough. The recipe I used is here, and the fact that the dough stayed good for a week is pretty impressive too. 

Last night, I was abruptly inspired to make paper snowflakes. I quickly realized that I needed to go back to first grade because I kept cutting wrong and they fell apart. Not to be thwarted, I still used the small pieces. By the way, the snowman painting on the refrigerator is from last year. He's a permanent fixture. 

Smile! I kept making faces and things that looked more like ancient alien artifacts and tribal masks than snowflakes. It was all unintentional. 

Do you see it? I saw a bull at first and then decided it was a Viking and then decided it was Yoda. I'll bet you've never thought about those things having similar silhouettes. 

Another by the way: Vikings in unexpected places make me laugh. For example, I laughed hysterically when I saw a young man wearing a Viking helmet while just driving around town one day. It's the horns. 

And I made a "snowflake" from one of the small scraps that looks exactly like a Christmas tree. Again, totally accidental. It's good, though, because now I can say I put up a Christmas tree. 

But since I don't have an actual tree to decorate, I strung up some lights around my front window. Hi, parking lot! 

On the string of lights, I've hung some of my ornaments collected over the years. My family used to do an ornament exchange each year, which sounds so lovely and Martha Stewart-like until you see the dinosaur and wooden fish and robot. 

Goody! Yellow sludge! Yesterday, apparently I suffered a fit of domestic goddessness because I also decided to make a hand/body scrub based on this recipe. I don't have any pretty mason jars (this is an old pickle jar), so it doesn't look very nice, but it works like a charm. Oh, and it's completely edible. I used grapeseed oil instead of olive oil.

I've been a knitting fool these past couple weeks! I just finished a baby blanket for my friends who are expecting (below), and hours after I finished weaving in the ends of the blanket, I started on this really easy hat for my sweetheart (pattern here). I'm almost finished as you can probably tell. I hope to finish today! 

Here is the baby blanket. I really like how it came out. The yarn is a smooth, lovely cotton (no, really), and it's self-striping yarn, which I adore. I think the colors are great for a late-spring baby. It was a quick knit (pattern here).

I'm not sure my camera and the lighting are doing the colors justice. The hat above is actually a very dark navy. The blue-green color in the blanket is kind of an emerald or tropical green and the red color is a cherry red. 

So that's my simple Christmas this year. I'm thoroughly enjoying my time off work. Aside from all these projects, I've been sleeping a ton, which is nice.

I hope you're all having a wonderful holiday season.   


Erika said...

Very festive! I like your originality. --I must ask, where is the girl angel ornament that I made you? I hope it's hanging there with the rest of the ornaments. ;)

Domestic Kate said...

She was a little heavy :( She was on there briefly, but I didn't want her to fall and break, so off she came. It's not a very sturdy contraption, so I stuck with ornaments that are lightweight.

Erika said...

well, ok. As long as she tried. wouldn't want her to break. :) Nice ornament variety though! We need to get back into that exchange, so when you have a full size tree you will be able to decorate it like no other!

Laura said...

Your apartment looks very festive and cozy. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas.