Friday, January 18, 2013

8 Rules I Live By

A few of these are rules I try to live by (but struggle to follow sometimes), but most days, I live like this without giving it too much thought. What are your life rules?

The Rules by chrispwalsh, Flickr
1. Be nice. People like nice people, and I don't underestimate the importance of likability. I don't have to be nice every second of every day, but whatever I do, I usually start with being nice. 

2. Work hard. I like to keep busy and make an effort. If I'm going to do something, I dislike half-assing it (I'd rather just not ass it at all). Also, people usually like hard workers.

3. Clean up. I don't leave things in worse shape than before I arrived. 

4. The show must go on. And it does go on. Life doesn't stop when I'm sad or angry; unpleasant things aren't detours. They're all part of the same journey. 

5. Quiet is good.

6. Things should be colorful.

Rule 18 by Chris Blakeley, Flickr
7. Don't force it. I like to work hard, but I avoid things that drain me of energy or make me feel terrible. If there's some task that must be done or a rule I must follow, I try to find a way to like it or appreciate it. I try to find a way to do it my way. If I can't, then I try to find a way to make it disappear from my life.

8. Expect to be treated the way I treat others. If I go into a situation angry, then guess what--people will get angry with me in return. Sometimes that's okay and sometimes it isn't, but I have to expect it. If I make an effort to be nice and work hard for the benefit of others, I do expect people to do the same for me. If they can't or won't, they don't have a place in my life.

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