Sunday, February 17, 2013

Adventures in Juicing!

Blood wine, anyone? Also, roses for V-Day
In my weekday vegetarian adventures (ad-veg-ures?), I've come across lots of blog posts about blending and juicing vegetables. I was intrigued by juicing because I often have a difficult time using up all my vegetables before they go bad. This problem has become more important to me since I started my CSA.

Technically, with juicing, I'm still wasting food. All the flesh gets discarded, but if it's between dumping the flesh and dumping the entire vegetable, I suppose dumping the flesh and making tasty beverages is a good alternative.

Not wanting to spend money on a juicer kept me from trying it. And that's where Freecycle came in. I got an enormous juicer for exactly $0 (including gas--it was dropped off at my place!). 

I'd received a bunch of parsnips from my CSA the past few weeks, so I looked up some juice recipes including parsnips, and most of them wanted me to put in beets. Although the point was to use up the vegetables I already had, I broke down and bought a bunch of beets.

The photo above is a juice made from 2 small beets, the beet greens from those, 2 parsnips, and an apple. Let me just say that I watched a YouTube video where this woman made a similar juice and she went on and on about how good it was. I thought, Okay, it's good in that healthy way, like how people feel about kale, but it can't possibly be as good as she makes it sound.

I'm eating those words right now. Or drinking them, I guess. It was so good! So, so good. It was a little sweet with a deep, earthy taste. I had to pace myself and not drink it down immediately. 

Best non-purchase ever? 

As for the great blending v. juicing debate, I don't really want to choose sides, especially after just one juicing trial. I will say that I like the idea of consuming the entire food, and I wouldn't have bought a juicer if I wasn't able to find a used one. But after tonight, I'm glad Freecycle worked out!

Do you juice? 


Laura said...

We have a juicer, but it rarely gets used, mostly because it is such a pain to clean. I tend to make smoothies with my blender, which can go in the dishwasher. But now you've inspired me to pull the juicer out and give it another go.

Domestic Kate said...

Yes, I can see how the juicer would be a pain. Mine will be annoying to clean as well, plus, I'm not sure where I can keep it so it won't take up half my counter space. It's certainly not perfect. I figure if I use it once a week or so, I'll consider it a success.

Laura said...

That was another issue, the juicer took up a lot of counter space and we weren't using it regularly so one day I put it in a cupboard. The problem with that is the old saying, "Out of sight, out of mind." Some days I forget we even have it. :(

I don't mean to sound so complainy about our juicer. I think we're lucky to have it. I just need to use it more. And I love the idea of using it to cut down on wasted food.

I think if you use it once a week that counts as a success. Plus, Freecycle! That makes it even better.

Domestic Kate said...

I'm thinking a lot of people probably have that issue with their juicers--they're big and hard to clean, so they tend not to get used. Kitchen gadgets are like that. They always seem like a neat idea.