Saturday, May 18, 2013

8 Good Things

Hi, folks. I've revamped my On the Eights posts, stealing an idea from the cutest bloggers ever with a list of good things going on in my life.

1. Juicing. I'm becoming a believer in juicing. Yes, I still think it's good to eat fruits and vegetables, but juicing is easy and it makes me feel so good. I get now why juicing people act like they're in a cult. You mean haven't tried juicing? Here, drink this! It'll change your life! Wait! Don't run away!

2. Fisherman Pants. You need to buy a pair right now. That is all.

3. Handstands in yoga class. If you haven't done a handstand since you were 10 years old, you should really give it another try. They're addictive! Also, I did a seated forward bend and actually grabbed my toes for the first time!

4. Helpful, supportive colleagues at work! I'm having a rough semester, you guys, and it was nice to hear that people are rooting for me.

5. Wedding plans (!) starting to come together. Sort of.

6. Be Excellent at Anything: "The best model for how we ought to operate as adults may be the way we did as young children: alternating time spent actively learning with naps, playtime and gym periods, recesses and snacks--as well as with long periods of sleep at night."

7. Caras felizes (happy faces). Or, what I called them by mistake: Caras de felicidad (faces of happiness).

8. Some job prospects for the summer. I was assigned a light teaching load this summer, so I'm on the hunt. I might be selling nuts and/or teaching ESL to 10-14-year-olds. I'm also looking into caregiving. And for fun I might be volunteering at the museum of natural history. Random? Yep. I'm just thinking of it as material for what will certainly be my best-selling book: How Many W-2s Does One Woman Need?


Ti said...

Hi back! I love this list. My main reason for never having gotten into juicing is that I gulp, not sip. So smoothies and juices are gone too fast. I need something to chew on. ;)

Domestic Kate said...

Hi, Ti. I know what you mean. The nice thing about being a gulper, though, is that sometimes the juice concoctions are not well thought out (leftover vegetables) and end up kind of gross. Still, the juice goes down pretty easily in a few gulps!