Tuesday, May 28, 2013

8 Good Things

1. Getting a summer-maybe-into-fall job to supplement my income. I'm going to be working at a gourmet food shop that specializes in nuts and dried fruit. They seem like nice people there, and I have to get to take a tour of the farm!

2. Yarn bomb! It wasn't me, but I think it's great. If you haven't seen yarn bombing, Google it.

3. A cute new meeting place for my knitting group. Someone in the group suggested it and we checked it out last weekend. It was perfect for us and such a neat spot. It might become our regular hangout.

4. The semester coming to a close! Two of my classes are ending this week, and one more ends on Tuesday of next week. I'm really looking forward to a little break and a fresh start this summer.

5. Trying this painting/crafting project. I royally goobered up the first attempt by using letters that were way too small, but I'm happy with the way the second came out. I used some cheap, garage-sale paintings I bought a couple years ago that needed something fabulous to happen to them.

6. Some really nice, unsolicited notes from students in one class. I didn't think I did a very good job with them this semester, but they apparently felt otherwise. Warm and fuzzy indeed!

7. The Happy Herbivore cookbook. Finally, I have some recipes to jazz up my repertoire!

8. The start of one of my favorite farmers markets in the area. I like it because it's smaller and quieter than the others, so I can get in and out quickly.


Bearette said...

how is the happy herbivore cookbook? i've kind of had my eye on that.

Domestic Kate said...

I ended up grabbing about 6 recipes before I returned it to the library, so I call that a success. Then, I ended up signing up for a month of the Happy Herbivore weekly meal plan (https://www.getmealplans.com/). I'm not following the plan exactly, but I like the weekly reminders, especially when it comes to snacks.