Saturday, June 8, 2013

8 Good Things

1. R.I.P.P.E.D. classes at the gym. If you're into fitness classes and you can find this in your area, check it out. Don't be scared by the name either! My schedule for the past several months hasn't really allowed me to take these classes, but now that the semester is finished, I can start going again.

2. The Happy Herbivore weekly meal plan. I'm not following it exactly, but I like getting a weekly email that basically tells me, "Get your ass to the grocery store and cook your own damned food." I'm just trying it for a short time until I can get into some good habits. Pictured above is the tomato-fruit gazpacho and a bean and avocado mash that's supposed to go on a sandwich, but I decided I liked it better as a dip.

Side note: I'm using the individual plan, which I think complements my CSA share nicely because I can make a salad or a vegetable soup with the CSA vegetables to pair with the single-serving recipes from HH for a 2-person meal.

3. Getting a tour of the Stewart & Jasper operations! Pretty neat.  They took me out to lunch and gave me--what else?--a gift box of almonds to take home. This is how to hire employees, folks. Also, did you know that people in the almond business pronounce it "ammond?" They informed me that it's just like the word "salmon." And the only place where almonds are grown in the U.S. is the area between Chico and Bakersfield. It was an educational day.

4. Getting a break! I'm really in need of some down time, and I'm getting it. I start my nut job (heh) tomorrow, but I'm in the middle of a week and a half vacation from teaching.

5. Finally starting to get over what I think is plantar fasciitis. Lots and lots of massage helps. I'm also using pain relief gel with arnica in it. I'm not sure what caused it--maybe it's been accumulating slowly--but I'm glad it's going away. I want to start running again!

6. A couple knitting projects in progress (photos to come later)

7. Celebrating 2 years with my beau (standing next to what I think is a large boat cleat that totally looks like it has a face).

8. The original Star Trek series. I'd never watched more than a few episodes, and I decided to watch the whole series on Netflix. It's so bad it's good. It's like the poster child for misogyny. If the men aren't treating the women like delicate flowers, they're slapping them around. But I'm surprised by how many actors and story lines in the later series came from the original.


Laura said...

Congratulations on two years!

I love the photos and the tour sounds fun and educational. Hooray for jobs like that.

I know I haven't been commenting much lately, but I wanted to say that I have been reading your posts and enjoying them. I love the eight good things!

Domestic Kate said...

Hi, Laura. Glad to have you back!