Tuesday, June 18, 2013

8 Good Things

I've been slacking in the photography department!

1. Riding my bike to my summer job. I've managed not to hit any slow-moving tourists, although I've come close (seriously). Every time, as I walk away from my locked-up bike, I feel like I should click my car key to lock it. It's a weird feeling.

2. My summer job. It's funny being back in retail, but this shop is vastly different from working at Target or Marshall's. I love our product, for one, and the shop is pretty low maintenance. And I don't feel insulted by the wages.

3. Sparkling water. When I was a kid, my parents would drink flavored sparkling water, and try as I might, I couldn't stand it. Now, on a warm day when I'm feeling extra thirsty, sparkling water is the only thing that'll do.

4. Blended drinks. A while back, I ordered a blended fruit drink at a restaurant that was just orange juice and papaya. It was ridiculously good, so now I make them at home with orange juice and banana. Something about frothy orange juice is delicious. I also recently made a strawberry lemonade by heating some strawberries in a little honey and blending them with fresh squeezed lemon juice and water.

5. The start of the summer semester. I'm excited to get to know everyone, and I love summer classes. Plus, it means the return of my yoga class. The first day back reminded me how far I've come.

6. Rick Guidotti. One evening recently, I saw him on Rock Center, and I was really touched by the work he's doing. Not only is he redefining beauty but he's also helping doctors and med students better understand their patients' conditions from their point of view.

7. Having a rockin' Zumba class tonight. I'm subbing for a woman who's out of the country for a month, and tonight was my first time with this group. Although she and I only get about 3-7 people in our classes usually, tonight I had 12! They were fun too and had nice feedback for me at the end of class. 

8. A great new vegan (you heard me) Mexican restaurant. My friend, who's also a vegetarian, and I were dumbfounded when we saw the menu--so much good stuff to choose from. We've been sad since our two favorite vegetarian-friendly Vietnamese restaurants closed. Now we can rejoice!

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