Friday, June 28, 2013

8 Good Things

1. Birthday breakfast at Katy's Place. What do you mean French toast is not a healthy breakfast? It totally had fruit on it. 

2. The view from my job selling nuts. Not a bad way to spend my summer, right?

3. Happy Herbivore's breakfast quesadilla, which is a misnomer (it's more like a crepe), but as the weird grandpa from Sixteen Candles says, "You don't spell it. You eat it."

4. Finishing up a baby blanket for my future niece. 

5. Um, summer? I think I lost 10 pounds this week in sweat alone. It was pretty uncomfortable all week, but now that I have some days off, I can actually enjoy the warm weather.

6. Pizza and beer. Oh, and getting to have a belated birthday celebration with awesome friends (with pizza and beer).

7. Deciding to give my students my cell number so they can text me with questions. So much better than my school email, and I actually kind of like the more personal nature of using the phone.

8. Having a really great partner in my life. He continues to be my all-time "good thing." 


Bearette said...

that french toast looks fantastic.

Domestic Kate said...

It was incredible! I'm happy my photo did it justice.

Laura said...

Yes, that French toast looks really good. Also, for a long time I used to mispronounce crepe as creep.