Sunday, July 28, 2013

8 Good Things

1. Saving money while working less! I chalk it up to not eating out very much. I finally cracked down on that, and even though I'm earning less than I was in the spring, I'm coming out ahead at the end of the month. And I do still eat out sometimes, but there's less reason to eat out between my CSA and delicious summer fruits from the farmers markets.

2. Speaking Spanish. Okay, so I'm pretty bad at it, but I like surprising native Spanish speakers with what I do know, especially since I've picked up a lot of slang.

3. Scoring some great felting yarn from a yarn swap I had with my knitting group. My sister's requested a bag like the felted bag I made here, but I've been putting off buying the yarn. Now I won't need to. 

4. Improved posture. This yoga thing is great, you guys. A friend told me that I was looking different lately (in a good way), and I admit I've been feeling pretty good physically, but I don't think I've trimmed down any. I have, however, noticed that my posture is improving, and I feel that I stand and sit taller. It's a good feeling.

5. A surprisingly good pho/ramen soup I made a couple nights ago. I was inspired by Ashley who recently posted about making vegetarian ramen. Mine wasn't vegetarian because I used chicken broth (I'm almost 100% vegetarian now, but I still have a lot of chicken broth in the house to use up), but everything else was just vegetables and tofu. I added some anise to give it that pho flavor. It was ridiculously easy and good.

6. Twitter. I'm enjoying it far more than Facebook. I tweeted (ugh, I did I just say that?) a message for Austin Kleon, the author of Steal Like an Artist, and he responded! That's exciting. And yes, I'm a dork. I need more followers by the way.

7. Fruity drinks. I've been making smoothies with tangerine juice, nectarines/peaches, strawberries, and a splash of soy milk, and today I tried some infused water (because that's the new thing apparently) with strawberries, cucumber, and basil, which came out great! 

8. The end of the summer semester. I still have grading to do, but the class is finished. It's always a whirlwind experience teaching a 6-week condensed course, but as always it was fun, and I received some nice feedback from students. 

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Brian Holliday said...

Alright, I am following you on Twitter ;) And yes it is much better than FB.