Sunday, August 18, 2013

8 Good Things

I'm sick. I've been sick for nearly a week now. I took Airborne from day one, but a couple days ago, I got hit hard. So, I'm not really thinking too straight and haven't been particularly grateful the last several days. But here we go anyway--I mean, that's the point of having a regular posting schedule, right? I have to break through the hard times with something good. 

1. Coworkers filling in for me at the store so I can get over this bug.

2. Making some progress on a felted bag for my sister (sick day = lots of time to knit).  I'm excited about the colors. If it felts well (you never really know how it'll turn out until it does), I think I'll like it better than my own bag!

3. This Non-Planner Datebook. For now, I'm just linking to it because I like it, but I haven't bought it yet. It looks like something I'd like. Or something I'd buy and not use and give as a gift :) In general, I love little notebooks and notepads for list-making and journaling.

4. Similarly, this annual workbook. Since it's August, it seems a bit late to start it, but I'm considering modifying it to be a teacher/career workbook since I live my life in semesters anyway.

5. I continue liking this recipe for artisan bread. I made another batch recently to take to a friend's dinner party. You can experiment with different types of flour easily enough, and I like having more crust with several small loaves.

6. This basket made from old t-shirts. I'm in progress with something resembling this. Right now, I have one long braid. Photos to come once I assemble it!

7. My pair of Merrell Crush Gloves. I went a little shoe happy a few weeks ago to help deal with my ongoing plantar fasciitis, but this pair is my favorite. My feet feel great in them, and everyone loves the bright yellow color. I bought mine on clearance from REI, but the new Crush Glove colors are even better! 

8. Discovering I'm not the only one who feels compelled to sit on the floor. I'm exploring some options for helping me work and create stuff on the floor without killing my back. More on this later, but I'm actually really excited about giving into this not-so-odd habit of mine. 

What are you guys up to lately? What's good? 

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