Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Keeping Busy v. Making Stuff

Tomorrow, I'll post some photos of recent projects that I'm happy with (or happy to be done with anyway), but I thought I'd take a second to talk about, well, making stuff. 

I'm trying to make a shift in my life from constantly keeping busy--or feeling like I should--to using my time to create something of value.

On the surface, those two things are very similar. They're about using time productively, but keeping busy is often a way to avoid more challenging and rewarding tasks. Just look at how tidy your work space or home becomes when you have something to do that you want to avoid. 

I used to think cleaning my home, buying groceries, clothes shopping, and sprucing up the house with new stuff was a good way to spend my time. Even now, I tend to feel good only when I can list several things that I accomplished each day. And certainly, items need to be checked off lists, but in hindsight, it often seems like I'm running in circles.  

Instead, I'm trying to be a kid again. I want to use my time to make things, learn, and invent. I remind myself that it doesn't have to be the world's greatest ... whatever. It just needs to feel good to do it. In the end, while I might not have a long list of accomplishments for the day (being creative is time intensive), I do have something to show for my time. The bonus is that I get to put my personal touch on things; my life has more me in it, in other words. 

So, what have you made lately? How do you spend your creative energy? 


rockygrace said...

Kate, I made a couple of your t-shirt necklaces! They don't look as good as yours, but hey, I tried.

I'm getting ready to experiment with mosaic work. Shells, rocks, glass, etc. Epic disaster, here I come!

Domestic Kate said...

Disasters are good things! No one wants to be Martha Stewart. I'm happy to hear you made a t-shirt necklace--I don't think anybody's ever followed a tutorial I posted before! I also think everything creative I do is not as good as wherever I got the idea from. I think my necklace looks kind of silly and not nearly as good as the tutorials I've seen. But those people probably think the same thing about their stuff.