Sunday, September 8, 2013

8 Good Things

So, this happened. 

1. Popcorn. I love me some popcorn. There's nothing really special to say about it other than that.

2. Babies everywhere! I visited the hospital three times in a 9-day period for two separate baby girls. I'm so glad the girls and their families are healthy and happy. And I've officially held a newborn.

3. Local grocers. I have a CSA and I visit farmers markets, and this has drastically reduced the time I spend in regular grocery stores, to the point that I really dislike going to grocery stores now. I've taken to going to one of the local grocers in the area. It's surprising how much they pack into such a small store. They have a good section of bulk dry goods (for my popcorn addiction), and their avocados are delicious (Trader Joe's' avocados are inexplicably terrible).

4. Finishing David Sedaris' Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls. I love him so much. He's doing a lecture in San Luis Obispo in November, and I'm considering going. Reading on my Sony Reader is an interesting experience in that, unless I pay close attention to the page count at the bottom, I end up surprised that the book is over. It's a nice feeling for someone who often finds reading tedious and insurmountable, but it's disappointing when I want more!

5. Summer in Monterey! Really rethinking the whole moving thing right about now. Then again, nice weather always makes me feel optimistic and adventurous, so I'm ready for whatever.

6. Lots of Zumba! It's so nice to see old friends and just be back in the swing of things. My feet are slowly recovering from plantar fasciitis, enough to feel I can move again.

7. DIY wedding invitations. I'm happy with how they turned out, and it was pretty easy.

8. The Bullet Journal. I haven't started using this technique yet, but I like the idea of it. I've gotten away from my lists lately, and this would be a good way to get back on track.


ruthieo said...

1. SO TO SLO! It's amazing. If you go, let me know and I'll give you some recommendations for an awesome good time.

2. Oh man, I am missing California hard right now. But one thing to remember: don't let the weather trick you! Sunshine in Monterey is shorter lived than Buster's attention span.

Domestic Kate said...

Regarding #2, I know! But it just makes my heart swell with joy.

As for SLO, I think it's during the week (I just looked it up yesterday. You'd think I could remember.), so I'd probably just have to drive there and back without stopping for too much of a good time.

Also, what are you doing up past 10 p.m.?