Wednesday, September 18, 2013

8 Good Things

1. Not taking crap from students (yet). It'll happen, I'm sure, but for now, my reserves of patience are dry.

2. This story about my future husband: When he was taking a class, he was assigned to write an essay about Castroville, a nearby town. Since he didn't know anything about the place, he visited the town and wrote about his experiences there. No Google. No library. He just went and discovered it for himself. That's the kind of man he is.

3. Funny, vivid dreams lately. In one dream, my fiance texted me "LIMES."

4. Pumpkin bread! Why can't every season be pumpkin season?

5. Getting RSVPs in the mail (especially my sister-in-law's who made a point to use an Oxford comma in her response).

6. Some plans to do something with my Etsy shop and try to make some money. Stay tuned!

7. Speaking of, still making progress with my sister's bag. The main bag part is done. I just need to finish the pockets and sew it all together before felting it. I'm really over stockinette stitch! But my brother half-jokingly requested that I knit him some long underwear. I found this pretty hysterical pattern/blog post, and I might actually try knitting it. It's going to take a crapload of yarn.

8. Good food and a hot shower after a long, sweaty day. 

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