Friday, November 8, 2013

8 Good Things

1. Fall! Monterey's average high in its warmest month is 70, while its average high in the coolest month is 58. Despite this whopping 12-degree difference, we do kind of have seasons. Sometimes they come at the wrong times, but seasons they are, and fall has been crisp and unpredictable, and I'm digging the shorter days.

2. One of the "seasoned" knitters in my knitting group loving a hat I'm working on that I designed myself. She asked me for the pattern, and that's when she found out I was making it up in my head as I went. I take this as a big compliment.

3. A really cute apron given to me by one of my ESL students. She had to go back to Korea, so it was a wedding gift/goodbye present. I'm actually really moved by her gesture. She was a terrific student, so I'm going to miss her, and the apron just happens to be perfect for my taste. I'm still emotional after all the love and good will surrounding my wedding, and the apron was, shall we say, icing on the cake.

4. Um, did someone say cake? Does anyone actually save their cake top and eat it a year later? I can't even keep peas tasting fresh in the freezer for that long. Anyway, the good thing is that my husband and I had no qualms about devouring the cake top within a couple days. I love him. And I love cake.

5. Huaraches from Mexico. My sister-in-law sent me a cute pair of brown ones a few weeks ago, and they're great. Since the weather's been cooler, I've been wearing them with fun, striped socks. Newsflash: I've given up trying to be cool.

6. The Killing. It's a mini-series available on Netflix. It seems I like depressing crime dramas (Netflix recommended it for me because I said I liked Top of Lake--also depressing and it made me feel dirty for having watched it). It gave me bad dreams, which I guess means it's good?

7. Sleepytime Lemon Jasmine Tea. Just really tasty tea and bonus points for the Chinese bear on the box. 

8. Jarrito mugs (ceramic mugs that look like little pitchers). A while back I downsized my mugs to little stackable ones, and I'm kind of over that. I want giant mugs! Sometimes, when I go to a certain friend's house, they serve homemade atole in jarritos, and I love it. (By the way, this is also a quick plug for Etsy. Support local artisans this holiday season.)

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