Saturday, November 23, 2013

DIY Death

NPR posted this story about some new (well, old really) trends in death rituals, such as DIY funerals and alternative burial practices.

Although I'm not really keen on thinking about my own mortality, I don't have a problem talking about the logistics of what to do with me when I'm gone. So, let me lay it out for all the interwebs to see:

1. If my body can be donated for research purposes or if my organs can be given to someone else, by all means do that first. Do not keep me on life support indefinitely hoping for a miracle when you can help me be someone else's miracle.

2. I want to be cremated or buried in such a way that my body will decompose naturally into the soil. My preference is for cremation, but hopefully my death won't be for quite some time, and I might be in circumstances in which the people around me will feel the need for a burial. I understand. Just don't clog up the ecosystem because of my dead body. 

3. Any funeral that takes place on my behalf should be a celebration of my life. Please, no black clothes and somber music. Something like this maybe?

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Bearette said...

I also want to be cremated. That "food for worms" concept has always freaked me out.