Sunday, December 8, 2013

8 Good Things

1. Cut-out paper snowflakes. 

2. The job market in the Denver area. We're seriously considering moving there next year, and there seems to be quite a few jobs that I am both qualified for and interested in. Imagine that! 

3. Austin Kleon's weekly newsletter. 

4. Hour of Code. I'm thinking of participating, and it's come right at the time I was thinking I should finally learn how to design some simple sites (although Wordpress makes it very very easy). 

5. Striped socks. I used to have a thing for argyle, but now I've moved on to stripes. Also, we have not one, but two sock shops in the area that sell surprisingly high quality socks.  

6. The husband surprising me with a veggie burrito after I got off work. That was cool. 

7. Hot tea. I'm drinking copious amounts since I came down with a cold a couple days ago. It's soothing.

8. Meeting a really interesting Israeli woman at a birthday party for a friend. She was a like a character from a movie, this wise, well-traveled woman, regaling us with her stories of hearing Mariachi music for the first time and being mistaken for a prostitute. She said that something's wrong with America--we're so wealthy yet we don't really have anything. 

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