Saturday, December 28, 2013

8 Good Things

I hope you all had a nice holiday! Our weather has been oddly warm and summery, so it's difficult to believe that it's almost time for the new year. Here's what I've been up to lately:

1. Posing like a caution sign by the coast. Oh, and I guess the sunset was nice too. And, while out on that same walk, we saw a hawk on a sign post that was so close you could almost reach out and touch him.

2. A new haircut.

5. A friend and her baby getting a fresh start and the support they need. I wish them the best. Also, she gave me tons of food and a heart-shaped cake pan as she was packing up her things :-)

6. My UFO: Unidentified Finished Object. It's a cowl/snood thing, and the way the pattern turned out reminds me of a UFO from one of the stories on Unsolved Mysteries*. I kind of love it and can't decide if I should keep it for myself or sell it in my Etsy shop. The yarn was re-gifted to me, so it's pretty much great all around.

7. Spending Christmas with my in-laws' in-laws. My sister-in-law's parents cooked an Italian-style Christmas dinner for us. It was delicious.

8. Some general business: getting the dinner table free of mail and junk, dealing with backing up files, making a Goodwill pile. It feels so good to have the time and energy to deal with this stuff.

*To satisfy my curiosity, I googled the image/episode I was thinking of, and it turns out that the UFO story came from Gulf Breeze, FL, which was the neighboring town of Pensacola, FL, where I used to live. 

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