Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year's Intentions

First, a hilarious list of realistic new year's resolutions.

Now, onto a recap of 2013's resolutions:

1. Increase my annual income by $8,000. This did not happen. But I had an okay year with finances without feeling like I had to sell my soul or burn myself out. Still, I know I need to continue working on income-related goals this year.

2. Learn to sew. Not even remotely! But I did a lot of knitting and re-opened my Etsy shop. So there. 

3. Make better use of mornings. Yes! I aced this one beautifully and got into a nice yoga routine. Doing yoga, by the way, was a resolution of the past that I never accomplished, so I should get an extra point for that.

4. Take more photos. Yes! 

I've been thinking about my goals for 2014, and I've been kind of stuck. On the one hand, big changes are coming; on the other hand, I'm not totally sure what they will be and how they will affect my priorities.

Then, just in time for this post, I came across an article about focusing on process, not goals (via Austin Kleon, whose advice is to do something small, every day). It's nothing new exactly, but I needed the confirmation. Comparing myself against where I should be means focusing on what I haven't accomplished; I'd rather look at what I have accomplished and make the most of each day. For that purpose, I'd like to develop some better habits and processes in 2014 regardless of where the current takes me. Here are some of my intentions:

1. Do more stuff with my hands. Writing (on paper!), cooking more, knitting more, etc.

2. Reading more. I'd really like to get into a habit of reading before bed, but however I can fit it in is fine with me.

3. Professional development. I'd like to take some courses and add specific skills to my repertoire.

4. Taking better physical care of myself, including but not limited to: eating better, lifting weights, more yoga, flossing, getting an eye exam (and probably glasses), and visiting the dentist. I also want to take better care of my physical space too. A messy place is a real drag in more ways than one.

How has 2013 treated you? What are your intentions for 2014?

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