Wednesday, January 8, 2014

8 Good Things

Happy New Year, everybody! It's it funny how eight days into the year, we've already stopped wishing people a happy new year? That was so seven days ago. Here's what I've been up to and happy about lately.

1. "Brainwashed by the Cult of the Super-rich." One of my favorite quotes from the article: "The adulation of royalty is not a harmless anachronism; it is calculated totem worship that only entrenches the bizarre notion that some people are rich simply because they are more deserving but somehow they are still just like us."

2. Bringing Up Bébé. I'm not pregnant. Let's just get that out of the way. I'm not finished yet, but I love it so far. It's written by an American expatriate living in Paris examining the differences between French and American parenting. Apparently, French babies sleep through the night by the time they're 4 months old, and French parenting philosophy is all about teaching patience, behaving with sensible restraint, and raising an "awakened" child.

3. Rosca de Reyes.

4. Knitting my first pair of mittens, which I keep unintentionally referring to in my head as "knittens" (way better name anyway). I always thought mittens looked like they would be difficult, but they're mostly painless.

5. Luggage! Since we're traveling soon, I guess we ought to have some. This set is inexpensive anyway, and I used a gift card we received for a wedding gift, and it came to about $50. Lucky us!

7. Getting two cotton sweaters in good condition from Goodwill for $8. I plan to take them apart and use the yarn for other projects. If you're not a knitter, you might be surprised at how much decent quality yarn costs. This is the first time I've been able to find sweaters at Goodwill for this purpose.

8. Taking somewhat of a hiatus from the online world. I've decided not to take my laptop with me on my trip. There are computers where I'm going, and the husband has his tablet, so I'm not completely detached. I just like the idea of changing things up a bit. That's the point of a vacation, right?

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