Friday, April 18, 2014

8 Good Things

1. Walking 10,000 steps per day (or trying to). I dusted off the pedometer, and I've been pushing myself to walk a little more than usual to get to 10,000. In part, I've just been curious to see how much walking it really is. It's quite a bit if you don't count steps walked at home (I usually don't unless I'm doing something fairly active like cleaning). It's gotten me outdoors enjoying the lovely spring weather (photos above).

2. The interview! I'll say more about this in a later post I'm sure, but it went well. After the phone interview, they asked me to visit the campus. It seemed like a great college and a nice area. The day after, I got a call about another job out of state and set up a phone interview with them too. I'm on fire!

3. Sleep. The interviews were exciting but nerve-wracking, and I haven't been sleeping well. I'm grateful for the times when I've actually been able to get a good night's sleep and catch up.

4. Twitter. I'm using Twitter more and more to learn and write about education-related topics. It feels really good to be part of that conversation and to see my words being passed along to others.

5. The Zinn Reader: Writings on Disobedience and Democracy. During our trip to Colorado, I had wanted to download and start reading The People's History of the United States, but I don't think I could get it on my Sony Reader, so I settled for this anthology. It's nice, though. I enjoy reading Zinn's commentary on his own words, and I have a better sense of how his ideas developed.

6. A new haircut. No one's really noticed, and I take that as a good sign that I really did just get a trim. I'm happy with it.

7. Grading papers in the college library. As you know, I tend to work in cafes, but the college is a little closer, and the view is amazing. How many community colleges in this country have an ocean view? It's also quiet and the big tables are great for spreading out all my crap.

8. Fun students this semester. It's been a strange semester because I have fewer students than usual, but I seem to have a good rapport with one group in particular. I've especially enjoyed seeing two 30-something men in class develop a friendship and support each other. It's great to be a part of someone else's journey toward reaching a goal.

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