Monday, April 21, 2014

I Dream of Overalls

Statements I've made publicly:

"If I could wear overalls to work every day, I could die happy."

"I know I've made a call for this before, but seriously, if side ponytails and grunge can make a comeback, why can't overalls be cool again?"

When I was in high school, overalls were the thing. They were perfect for so many reasons. For one, they were warm, and my high school was inexplicably cold even during warm months. Two, they went with everything. Three, they were comfortable to wear while sitting for six hours a day.

Alas, the trend died, but I never gave up hope that I would one day get to wear them again. I can't really justify wearing them for any particular reason at the moment, but I have this fantasy of wearing overalls while working in my garden. I figure if I ever have a proper garden again, the lure of being able to wear overalls might ensure that I'll spend a good amount time out there.

It goes to show that I associate items with a certain lifestyle. For me, long past my high school days now, overalls signify work, utility, being sweaty, and getting dirty. They send the message that I won't be spending the day at the mall. I have real work to do today. I've had a similar attraction to tool belts.

The point is that overalls are a specific object that represents a lifestyle I like. Some people think if they own a house or a certain kind of car, they'll know they're where they want to be in life. For me, it's having a reason to wear overalls. I'll know I'm living right when overalls seem like the most appropriate thing to wear. 

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