Tuesday, May 13, 2014

One-Bedroom Living

Almost two years ago, my then-boyfriend/now-husband moved in with me, and we've been sharing a one-bedroom apartment ever since.  

A couple years ago, I was searching for a cheaper place, and I found a really cute apartment, but it was even smaller than our current place. I ended up telling an acquaintance about the cute place, and I mentioned it wasn't right for me because there would likely be two of us living there in the near future. She said, "Oh no, you can't live in a one-bedroom. You'll kill each other."

She misunderstood, of course, and didn't realize that we would in fact still be living in a one-bedroom--just one with a few more square feet. It got me thinking, though, Would we kill each other? 

I'm happy to report we're still alive, still together, and still in good spirits, so I guess not.

When we move in a couple months, we'll probably get a two-bedroom apartment because, well, we can, and I'm definitely looking forward to having a bit more space. Even though I don't think we have tons of stuff, we have enough that it's hard to keep everything neat, clean, and organized. 

However, even though our place isn't big enough for our stuff, I can't think of a time when I felt that our physical space was too small for our personalities. We have a living area, a dining area, and a bedroom. When we've had arguments, or even when one person just wants to watch TV while the other person wants to grade papers (ahem), we do have places we can go off to. And there's a whole world outside. I feel like we have plenty of time to do things on our own, and whenever I've felt like I wanted space, I've found it.  

I was thinking a townhouse would be nice, and certainly it's still a far cry from a McMansion, but it's a little odd when I imagine us both being home and not knowing what the other one's doing. As I write this from the living room, I can hear my husband moving around in bed as he takes a nap. I always know where the cat is. Even though I've always been someone who liked having a lot of alone time, I've gotten used to my life as it is, and I do think the physical closeness has made us a cooperative and forgiving couple.

There's no hiding. There's no retreating away from each other, and there's no disguising the unpleasant bits. 

I don't need to tell you that we could all probably live with a little less, and that includes square footage. Sharing this little apartment has probably been the most minimalist thing I've done in the past several years, and I don't even think twice about it anymore. It's just our home. Sometimes I wish it were a little different, but when you just commit to something, it's surprising how quickly you can redefine normal and do things you never imagined you could. 

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