Wednesday, July 8, 2015

8 Good Things

I've been busy with packing, moving, and unpacking all while trying not to overheat during said activities, but our relocation adventures and the temperatures are settling down, so I can enjoy life again.

1. My first baby dream. I used to have a recurring dream that I suddenly had a baby and was totally unprepared (like I didn't have a carseat so I figured I'd put the baby in the trunk), but since I've actually been pregnant, I've had no baby-related dreams or even just strange dreams until just a couple days ago. I dreamed we had a baby girl with enormous eyes, and I remarked that she looked like my dad (probably because dream-baby looked an awful lot like my cousin's baby I've been seeing photos of on Facebook). I was calling her by a name we are currently leaning towards. Other friends have told me they see a girl in our future too, so we'll see just how psychic we all are very soon!

2. Good deals. We moved into a 2-bedroom duplex at the end of June. It's not much to look at, but it was only $125 more per month than we were paying for our 1-bedroom loft-style apartment before, and it suits our needs. We needed to buy a few things for the new place, and although we keep saying we're going to hit up the garage sales and flea market, browsing requires a lot of energy--energy I do not have at the moment. We got lucky with coupons and with 4th of July sales, though. After searching high and low for an affordable but decent quality and nice-looking coffee table, for example, we found the perfect ottoman and were able to get 20% off with a coupon. 

3. Cooking at home again. We spent a few days in limbo with most of our stuff packed up, and we ended up eating out a lot. It got old, and I missed my usual staples. Our new kitchen is quite small, but it's nice to be cooking again. I've been trying some recipes from Isa Does It.

4. Cool mornings. We recently had a heat wave of 100+ temperatures for several days, and even the nights and mornings were hot. Happily, the heat wave has broken for now, so I'm back to enjoying the breezy, mild mornings. 

5. Curtains. Hanging curtains always makes me feel like I'm home. Plus, they block out the ridiculous afternoon sun. We put ours up with some Command hooks and cheap, lightweight tension rods. No holes in the wall. Easy.

6. The bathtub. Our last place didn't have a tub--just a shower--and it was a bummer not being able to soak in a tub. A cool bath after a hot day, especially when I've been on my feet all day, is way better than a shower.

7. Our new neighborhood. We seem to live in a predominantly Assyrian neighborhood with mostly older couples, and when it cools off for the day, they all sit out front and talk and play games. We also live close to the university, and on the 4th of July, we were able to watch a fireworks show on campus right from our back yard. Not bad at all.

8. Generally, enjoying my pregnancy. I'm at 16 weeks now. It's interesting the changes that are happening to my body. Sometimes I look like I'm showing a little baby bump and other times not, but I can feel my my body changing inside. I'm uncomfortable at times, but mostly the process is fascinating. I haven't been sick--until literally today. I'm not convinced it was morning sickness, though. I suspect the prenatal vitamins are the culprit. Anyway, I'm happy my pregnancy has been pretty uneventful. 


Mom said...

No babies in the trunk.

Domestic Kate said...

Of all the motherly advice you want to pass on, this?