Tuesday, August 4, 2015

20 Weeks: It's a Boy!

Literally barefoot and pregnant

Almost everyone thought we were having a girl, so it was a bit of a surprise to find out we're having a boy. I didn't have a gut feeling, either (all this "a mother always knows" stuff does not apply to me), although almost everyone I knew who had a baby in the last couple years had girls, so statistically speaking, I thought we should have a boy. Obviously, we didn't have a preference. We're happy to report he's looking fine and healthy at this point.


The fun: working on baby names (we might have settled on one), feeling the baby move occasionally, seeing a slightly different body every day in the mirror, browsing the baby aisles in stores, interesting dreams, knitting baby stuff

The new: leaving my crappy ob-gyn office and switching over to a midwife (she's wonderful), going from barely having a baby bump to not being able to button my pants 10 days later, realizing I'm halfway through my pregnancy and freaking out a lot a little

The weird: longer and thicker hair on my stomach (thanks, hormones!)

The unpleasant: lots and lots of boogers, dry skin in uncomfortable places (cocoa butter lotion is awesome), not being able to get up easily from lying on my back, my friends' sharing lots of educational but gross information about postpartum pooping, trying not to overheat when it's a thousand degrees outside

Overall, it's been a pretty smooth ride, and I've been lucky. I'm enjoying it. 


Bearette said...

You look great!

Domestic Kate said...

Thank you!

Meagan @ Growing Up Herbal said...

Loved reading this Kate! Did you knit the baby hat yourself? It looks great! He'll use it a lot in December!

Domestic Kate said...

Hi, Meagan. Thanks for coming by my blog! Yes, I knit the hat myself (and am working on some other knitted baby items). I hope to keep him in handmade hats all winter, which, admittedly, is very short and mild here.