Wednesday, September 2, 2015

24 Weeks

Barefoot and pregnant, part II. The hair looked much better in person.
I've gone back to work for the fall semester, and it turns out being pregnant is a lot easier when you don't have to leave the house regularly. And by the "leave the house" I mean "put on pants and interact with other humans." I was anxious in the early weeks of my pregnancy because I didn't feel pregnant; I certainly feel pregnant now.

Highlights --

The fun: Feeling the baby move a lot (he'll be a futbol player before too long), slowly accumulating baby stuff, people asking me about the baby (I was concerned that I'd hate random people talking to me, but I like it), sharing my pregnancy news with new and former students, eating-eating-eating (in fact, I could go for some food right now), sleeping like a champ 

The new: Settling--I hope--on a diaper situation that'll be fairly convenient and environmentally conscious, looking noticeably pregnant, finding out a woman I work with is very much involved with the local La Leche League (read: less social anxiety about meeting a group of women I don't know)

The weird: Dreams, being honked at by some dudes while I was walking (no limit to street harassment I guess), pregnancy brain 

The unpleasant: swollen feet and ankles, leg cramps, pressure in my lower abdomen making me think I need to pee every five minutes, not being able to get up/bend down/get around easily, missing beer and coffee, being hot and sweaty constantly, arm flab

All that said, I'm still feeling pretty good. I'm far less nervous about the pregnancy but more nervous about the delivery and actually raising a child. That's the hard part, I hear.

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Bearette said...

Putting on pants and interacting with humans...sometimes a challenge even when i'm not pregnant :-)