Tuesday, October 27, 2015

32 Weeks + an Anniversary

Barefoot and pregnant again. Note the super swollen ankles and feet and the double chin! Wee!
It happens that as I hit 32 weeks today, we're also celebrating our 2-year wedding anniversary.

I've been thinking recently about how nice it is to build a life with someone. It's one thing to share your life with someone, but now I feel like we've been creating something new together, like putting together a puzzle without knowing the picture it's forming. At first, we shared our life together, and it was rewarding to me knowing that we could and did rely on each other. But moving to a new city together, planning a future together, and now navigating the excitement and confusion of being first-time parents makes me happy in ways I never imagined.

Like the phrase goes, we're more than the sum of our parts. Together, we're something new that didn't exist before, and I think that's pretty neat.

On to the baby updates!

The fun: Knowing how he's positioned (head down, butt near my right ribs, and feet in the upper middle), really cute onesies and a beautiful quilt one of my colleagues made for us, thinking about what he'll look like (I assume he'll look like his dad, but now I wonder if he'll come out with an interesting genetic mix)

The new: Bumping into things (like the chalkboard tray in my classroom), the start of a double chin, my insatiable hunger finally calming down (I say this as I eat my millionth cookie of the day), people being extra courteous and friendly because my condition is super obvious now, my belly button being just about flat 

The weird: Baby punching down towards my rear end (not sure what his fascination is there, but it feels odd), linea nigra (that dark, vertical, seam-like line--it just appeared about two days ago)

The unpleasant: taking liquid iron supplements to prevent anemia (unimaginably gross), feeling huge, achy feet and ankles, having to work in three different time periods (I have to prep for the last couple weeks of the semester in case he's early, I have to plan the first couple weeks of the spring semester while I'm off on disability, and I have to also exist in the present tense)

The interwebs say baby weighs about the same as a large jicama. 

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