Thursday, October 1, 2015

Project 333: Maternity Edition

Mirror selfies! I forgot to put on shoes with my jeans. That's pretty much how I look anyway.

About a year ago, I first wrote about Project 333 and my pared-down wardrobe. Since then, while I haven't kept close tabs, I have kept my wardrobe pretty slim. In fact, now, I find idly browsing for clothes annoying, but with my growing body, I've had to buy several new items of clothing.  

My sister-in-law gave me a bunch of her maternity clothes, which was awesome, and wearing a BeBand kept me from having to run out and buy a bunch of pants right away. Now, though, the band isn't always enough to keep my pants up comfortably, and some of my old pants don't fit all that well because I've put weight on all over. On top of that, the combination of going back to work and the continued hot weather here meant that I really wanted to find a dress or skirt or two to keep me cool but nice-looking.

I've been disappointed in the affordable maternity clothes I've come across. I know I shouldn't complain; at least I don't have to walk around wearing tents like in my mom's day. But maternity clothes aren't cheap, and there are far fewer options to choose from compared to regular sizes. For colors, they have black, charcoal, very black, and black stripes. There are hardly any petite-sized pants, and sizing is unpredictable, even within the same brand.

Also, maternity skinny jeans? Right, because nothing goes better with weight gain and constipation like tight pants. 

Anyway, the good news is that because there isn't much to choose from, I've grown tired of browsing, so I've whittled down my wardrobe more than ever. At the same time, I've gotten quite a few compliments about my clothing, so I'm happy. Here's my clothing roundup as I transition into fall:

Coral color-block shirt
Teal color-block shirt
Green t-shirt
Purple t-shirt
Teal t-shirt
Light green paisley shirt (not a maternity shirt, so it might be out soon)
Teal cardigan
Red cardigan
Beige cardigan
Purple cardigan
Black striped dress
Navy and pink dress
Purple dress (again, not maternity, so it might not last much longer)
Denim skirt
Pink and white tank top
Grey and orange striped t-shirt

Silver sandals
Gold Mary-Janes
Black flats
Beige slip-on sneakers
Athletic shoes for walking and occasional Zumba

=23 items

Some of my shoes aren't fitting me comfortably anymore as I deal with swollen feet and ankles, so I'm still trying to figure out how to dress my feet. I have a feeling I'm just going to end up in sandals every day.

Realistically, I'm only wearing about 10 of the non-shoe items very regularly because of the hot weather. I'm practically living in that denim skirt. I'll eventually add scarves back into the rotation, and my cardigans will get more use.  Now that I just have a few months to go, it seems silly to keep adding to the wardrobe, although I always keep an eye out. We have far more important purchases to make, and I feel pretty content even if I repeat outfits constantly. Come January or February (or never), I'll dig out some of my stashed-away, pre-pregnancy clothes to see what's what.

(TMI warning about bras and breasts) 

One last clothing-related point worth mentioning: I've switched to wearing wire-free bras. Earlier this year, my previous bras were looking a little worse for wear, but anticipating a change to my size, I figured I should wait. At this point, while my shape has changed, my size hasn't really changed, so I searched for something supportive but a little stretchy to accommodate small changes in size. It's funny how skeptical I was about wire-free bras after wearing underwire bras for 20+ years. The one linked above fits well and has some padding in the front, which I appreciate because pregnancy nipples are always on alert. I know breastfeeding will bring about a whole other set of conditions, but for now, I'm comfortable, and I don't think I look too loosey-goosey if you know what I mean.

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