Tuesday, December 8, 2015

8 Good Things

Ah, yes, life beyond work and baby-prep. This seems vaguely familiar.

1. When you eat just the thing you're in the mood for. Recently: mint chocolate frozen yogurt, vegetarian sushi (not together).

2. Date night. The husband and I normally work opposite shifts, so we rarely have the time and energy to go out together. With the baby on the way very, very soon, we made a point to go out and see a movie. It was Spectre, which wasn't very good, but it was nice to do something different.

3. New furniture (on the way). The nesting instinct I'm experiencing is manifesting as a desire to get our domestic needs in order, not just the baby's. Having a 3-person couch seems so extravagant compared to our little love seat! I'm also envisioning a BIG CLEAN once the semester is over.

4. Carrot and sweet potato soup. I subbed half a can of diced tomatoes for the tomato paste and left out the hot sauce, so it was a little plain, but I liked it. Eating it gave me a little burst of vitamin energy.

5. Cool fall weather (now that it's nearly winter), changing leaves, scarves, and hot baths. Oh, how I've missed you, old friends.

6. Online shopping. Because I do not have time to battle holiday crowds just so I can buy some sheets (nesting again). FYI: Black Friday is a fantastic time to go grocery shopping because everyone's eating leftovers and going to Target. I'm thinking the day after Christmas will be similar.

7. Knitted burp cloths. Because why not?

8. Jane the Virgin. We just started watching it on Netflix, and it's probably the most perfect show for us. The Spanish-English thing, the having-a-baby plot thing, and the it's-kind-of-a-telenovela thing are right up our alley.

What's going on in your world?

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Rachel said...

One good thing (although there are so many) is that I think my kids are actually asleep already so I can check out this blog (which I found through Potatoes in the Mist).