Monday, February 8, 2016

8 Good Things

Keeping it real: unshowered, cleavage up to my neck, Sam being skeptical (as he should be)

Stir Fry

Black bean and potato soup 

Curry chickpeas and vegetables

1. Some really good days. After a couple of exhausting days, one evening recently Sam unquestionably smiled at us for the first time. Those good days and good moments are so very welcome. He's nearing 2 months, growing like a weed (nearly 12 pounds now), and seemingly overcoming his late night gas, so we're all sleeping a little better.

2. Cooking. Because leaving the house with the baby is still kind of daunting, I'm cooking at home almost all the time, and I'm finally eating all that healthy stuff that tends to be ignored in the pantry. There's been a lot of soup--surprise!--but also curry dishes, stir fry, and salads. Vegetables galore! 

3. Seitan. Speaking of cooking, I've really been enjoying seitan. Infinitely better than tofu.

4. Beer. I refrained from drinking alcohol while I was pregnant. I don't normally drink very often, so it seemed like I'd be going out of my way to drink during my pregnancy. Now, it's a treat. I've had a couple of my most favorite beers over the past few weeks, and they were delicious.

5. Feeling pretty good physically. I'm still recovering from pregnancy and delivery, but I feel almost back to normal. I might be going to see a chiropractor to put some things back in order. I think I linked to this some time ago, but I have a renewed interest in body alignment and natural movement, and I really hope to get outdoors more soon!

6. Burlap bag gardening. We're thinking of planting some vegetables soon, and this method looks fairly easy and cost effective. I'm excited at the prospect of having a vegetable garden again!

7. Coffee. Like beer, I'd been refraining, and I still only drink weak coffee once in a while. I definitely missed the caffeine + work combo. 

8. Some really pleasant weather. I hate to say it because it shouldn't be in the 70s in February, but I can't not appreciate a sunny, 75-degree day when I've been cooped up for a couple months.