Monday, March 14, 2016

3 Months

Three months is hitting us kind of hard. Sam is likely going through a growth spurt, both physically and developmentally, and everything is whacky. He's tired all the time but doesn't want to sleep. Even though he'd been sleeping in his own crib for more than a month (it's a co-sleeper that we moved away from the bed), he recently started waking up every two hours, and I had to bring him back to my side again so we could get some decent sleep (and it's worked like a charm). He's started drooling off and on and we're wondering if he's started teething.

On the up side, he smiles a lot! I don't ever want him to get teeth or start laughing because his silent, toothless smile is perfect. He's also trying to copy our sounds by saying ooh, aah, and goo all the time. I had no idea babies made such intentional sounds this early on; I always assumed it was just random babbling. Sometimes when I read to him, he starts talking as if he's saying, "You're telling it wrong, Mama. Let me." Occasionally, he grabs and bats at toys, and he's more and more interested in what's happening around him (so I guess it's time to turn off the TV).

Some other 3-month thoughts
  • He had his first vaccines a couple weeks ago, which he (and I) took surprisingly well. 
  • We're experimenting with EC. I just hope to make full potty training happen a little more quickly and without trauma. In the meantime, we've switched to using Blueberry cloth all-in-one diapers. We're happy with them. The Gdiapers were disappointing, I'm sorry to say.
  • This Graco adjustable high chair/booster has been a lifesaver! Sam doesn't care much for the bouncy seat we got from family, but he likes the high chair, and it allows me to cook and even eat for short periods of time.
Time has passed unbelievably fast. I look back at the photos we took the day he was born and I can't believe it's the same baby. He's growing by leaps and bounds and showing his personality more and more every day. We're so in love.