Thursday, July 14, 2016

7 Months

Happy 7 months!
If there's been a theme these past couple months, it's let go. My life has become much more enjoyable now that I've let go of a lot of assumptions and judgments I imposed on myself, my husband, and my baby. Some of my stress was probably due to working--even though it was just part time--but I'm on summer break now, so I can ease up on everything. Then again Worrier Me (AKA Can't Enjoy the Moment Me) is like, But you'll be working full-time in a couple months, so don't get too comfortable. Anyway, for now, I can let go.

Recent firsts: mastering rolling over both ways, sitting up, eating solid foods (like a champ!), clapping, going to the lake, going to the pool, wearing shoes, visiting tíos and prima on the coast for a long day trip, going to a party--he's been busy! 


EC. He's now going in a potty 3-5 times every day (#1 and occasionally #2) . Something just kind of clicked when we started using a small potty. I never imagined how exciting pee and poop could be. I'm really happy we're doing this.

Sleep. We loosened up about napping--what a difference that made! He was sleeping too much during the day, but we didn't know; we were just trying to follow what "everyone" said. Now he's been falling asleep more easily and staying asleep longer at night and during naps (but he takes fewer naps). It's difficult when he goes through changes, though, and we don't know what's happening. 

Teeth. I've been feeling a tooth distinctly for a couple months now, but it's taking its sweet time I guess. He sometimes grabs my finger and rubs it aggressively across his gums, so I know it must bother him somewhat. I hope it comes in soon.

He loves music and dancing (he's a merenguero), food, and playing horsey on our knees. This is a fun time now that he plays with toys and his own feet and he's much more flexible about being in public places and the car. There's always a tradeoff. He gets more complicated but more independent. Next up: crawling and walking. Oh boy.